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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gurgling Hormones~

That’s what I have been teasing my new 13yr old, Gladys about, gurgling hormones. John asked if she was going to start having mood swings & slamming doors. I just smiled.


Gracie made Gladys this beautiful necklace for her birthday.


John woke everyone up early so he could watch Gladys open her presents before he left for work.



Gladys received an art set. She loved it & started painting right away.



Another love of Gladys’ is sweaters/pullovers. She loves loves loves them! Thank you Mom! It was perfect.



The masked wrapper boy was present to keep us smiling.



Which is important early in the morning when the lights are way too bright.



Gracie also made Gladys pizza!



Oh was it ever yummy!



Extra thick crust  ♥



Gladys had a few of her friends over. These girls giggled ALL afternoon :-)


After dinner, John took Gladys to Wal-Mart (Thank you Mom in law & Aunt M!) where she lingered in the Art section picking and choosing just the right items to buy.

Gladys was our first home birth baby. She was the easiest and most beautiful birth I have ever had. It was so peaceful & so is she. What a blessing she is to us!

We love you Gladys! (gurgle, gurlge) ♥

~Papa  & Mama


  1. Beautiful girl in a beautiful family!

  2. Happy Birthday to Gladys!!! She is precious. What a cozy and happy birthday. Love the necklace that Gracie made, and the art set
    and the Pizza is beautiful.

  3. Happy Birthday to a sweet young lady and special friend to one of ours.....
    Blessings on the year ahead!
    Love the Mayo Maidens


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