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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sweet moments~

I love December. It just cries out to celebrate. To laugh and be with those you love. To snuggle. To sip hot drinks and watch old movies. I love the lights & the candy canes, but most of all, the family that surrounds me.

Gracie and I have been enjoying our Chai in the mornings or on cold afternoons. She made up a double batch of homemade Chai concentrate. We add it to Almond Milk, sweeten w/some Truvia and it’s a creamy perfection ♥


But the best part is sitting and visiting with my Gracie-girl. Priceless!


I made our Christmas banner. I love how it came out. It was so easy and very theraputic to make.



Here’s a close up.



Royal Icing. Dangerous in this house. We like to eat it……..ALL :-)



The girls got to pick out the candy to decorate their Gingerbread houses. We make ours using graham crackers. It’s all they can do to wait one day before gobbling their houses down.



The gobblers :-)


To aid myself in keeping this month enjoyable, vs. stressed out preparing, the girls and I will be making up freezer meals this week. We feed a large crowd every day, 3 times a day, which makes for a lot of time in the kitchen. I hope to get crockpot meals bagged up and casseroles made and stored in the freezer. Such a good feeling to be prepared!

I also gathered up some spices for for making my house smell Chrismas-y. I love it.

The Christmas presents are starting to stack up in my closet, which is now forbidden for any child/husband to enter for the entire month :-)

Dinner was scrumptious! Skinny Taco Chicken Chili w/Cheesy Garlic Biscuits. Yum-O!

My Goal: I want to get wrapped up in my family and not rushing around trying to make Christmas perfect.

It’s beginning to look, smell & feel a lot like Christmas ♥


In case you missed Gracie’s collection of jewelry, pop on over and take a peek. She has some adorable earrings and necklaces for sale.


  1. Everything you guys make always looks cozy, and fun! :) Wish we lived close enough to chat over one of your warm drinks. They sure look yummy!

  2. The Chai looks wonderful, I 'm going to have to make up a batch of that when the kids all get here. Some good friends of ours make gingerbread houses every year, and our son Luke always joined in with them in years gone by. I think of them when ever I see the ginger bread houses now... and I will probably start thinking of you as well. What a fun tradition. It is so sweet to think of you kiddos making and waiting gobble up those houses. I am in the midst of thinking "big" again; in terms of preparing and cooking for a crowd.... thanks for the inspiration. I love that you 're getting ready to freeze meals ahead. I was working on my plans to do the same last night. I thought I might get several days of cooking and baking done this week and next. Loved the post.


    1. You will love the Chai. It's sooooo yummy! I am really enjoying pulling out frozen meals and trying to use them wisely :-)


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